r/againsthatesubreddit are such pussies

r/againsthatesubreddit are such pussies


Your post was removed due to rule 7: No posts about being banned from other subreddits. Nearly everyone here has been banned from one or more feminist subreddits and such posts would clutter the page if they were allowed.


Most reddit mods are like that. I was banned from the Palestine sub because I posted in the Israel sub. Seriously lol


All the Conservative forums are ran by liberals based on my observations


I don't know if I ever posted there but I assume I'm banned. Don't they pre-ban people there?


I dunno, but they are heavily downvoting this post. Musta hit close to the mark.


I've gone through the same fucking shit with r/offmychest and r/trueoffmychest just for posting one violent comment about some asshole. ONE!!! And it got me suspended from reddit for 72 hours 3 fucking times!!!! Reddit is broken.


don’t be violent? wtf lol


No, if you are being violent then you SHOULD be banned. They did the right thing.


Let's not give them another reason to hate people here


Beyond being male and wanting civil rights for men? Or perhaps worse being a turncoat female and wanting civil rights for men? I think they have all they need.


I was referring to calling everyone pussies but yea that too..


That's no even how an "appeal" works. You don't admit guilt when you're appealing a judgment.


AgainstHateSubreddits is a hypocritical monster


I went on that sub and one user is spamming that sub with posts about this community. Literally all the posts in hot about this community are by one user.


Mods are just butthurt, like how r/ transmogification, all cause I critize some transmogs that want to be rated and people claiming their sets are unique with many are wearing 4/5 of one set and only change one of items. Mods listen to couple complains and never gave me examples if I gone to far and perma ban me, saying "it is best you stay ban for now" without explanations against then just because


Haha, the self-righteous mods in /r/cincinnati went straight to permaban on this account because I suggested that Indian buffets were worse than others at ripping off customers. THEY'RE BROWN, UR RACIST stuff. Uh, if I would have complained about white-owned Golden Corrals that would have been okay, no?