Who is the Best of the "Controversial" Moms?

Who is the Best of the "Controversial" Moms?


I'd say Christi because no matter how problematic some of her behavior was, she at least apologized for most of it and seems to regret a lot of it today.


Christi, because she at least was funny. Her and Jill are good realty tv characters.


Definitely Christi imo. I feel like she would have her moments occasionally but I thought she was one of the best moms personally.


Christi. She seems less morally corrupt than the rest


Ugh can someone share the results I can't vote on my mobile app


at the moment its christi leading with 239 votes, melissa with 46, jill has 34, jess has 10 and ashlee has 5


Thank you!!


Christi. Did she act out of line at times? Most definitely. But she’s the only person on this list who would apologize when she was wrong. To this day some of her behavior is still questionable, but the others are much more morally corrupt.


I’m not a Christi fan, but she was a better mother than the rest of this list, objectively


Christi was always so bitter and jealous. Why do people like her?!


in my opinion i just liked her as a mother and a person more than the other moms. ashlee, jill and jess were massive bullies and i was close to picking melissa but i feel like over the show (and outside too to an extent) christi was the better mother or mother figure. agree about her being bitter tho.


Why does this ignite enough emotion in you to where you have to use exclamation points? Get a grip. It’s not that deep. We don’t know her personally.